DarkBox® CyberSecurity

DarkBox® CyberSecurity is the new brand designed by Next 2.0 for IT security management. Our company provides hardware and software solutions for Network Security, Digital Forensics services, Data Recovery, Penetration Testing, Mobile Security, and we offer consultancy on corporate Data and Privacy Protection.

Cybersecurity Problem Solving

We solve computer security problems, with a platform of our own creation and methodologies developed over twenty years of experience in Incident Response and Digital Forensics.

Digital Forensics & IT Security

We have been working in the field of Digital Forensics and IT Security since 2002. We advise Law Enforcement Agencies, Judicial Authorities and Courts in the prevention and investigation of cybercrimes.

Awareness-raising, conferences and training

We organise awareness-raising events for the prevention of cyberbullying and regularly hold conferences and trainings on digital PA, Administrative Transparency and Digital Agenda.

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Cyber attack targets 2019 - 2023

(source: CLUSIT 2024 Report)

Cybercrime 83.3%
Hacktivism 8.6%
Sabotage/espionage 6.4%
Information Warfare 1.7%



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Our Services

We offer consultancy and services for IT security management. We provide hardware and software solutions for Network Security, Digital Forensics, Data Recovery, Penetration Testing, Mobile Security and enterprise Data Protection.

Digital Forensics

We carry out data recovery and data investigation from any electronic device, both in live mode and according to the most advanced techniques of acquisition and preservation of digital evidence.

Data Recovery

We perform data recovery from any computer device, hard-disk even SSDs, servers with RAID, USB and microSD memory cards, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Secure Data Erasure

We perform secure erasure (Wiping) of data in any storage media to ensure confidentiality and protect personal data from theft and unauthorised access due to device transfers.

IT Architectures and Incident Response

DarkBox® CyberSecurity is a reliable partner for your IT infrastructure. We advise customers in the design of technology infrastructures and provide our own hardware and software solutions for the implementation of highly secure local and wide area networks.

Mobile Security

DarkBox® CyberSecurity secures mobile devices used to exchange data and information within the corporate network, such as smartphones and tablets.

Penetration testing

Penetration Testing is a set of techniques to assess the security level of a network and remote servers. Targeted attacks on these resources allow criticalities and weaknesses to be detected, prevent unauthorised intrusions and data theft.

Sistema di Monitoraggio DarkBox

DarkBox® Monitoring System

DarkBox® is a LAN monitoring device that monitors and helps prevent next-generation cyber-attacks.

GDPR, Privacy and Corporate Data Protection

Was your company ready for the entry into force of the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) on 25 May 2018? Choose DarkBox® CyberSecurity as your consultant for privacy, data Data Protection and as DPO (Data Protection Officer).


Questions and Answers

A Penetration Test is an attack on a computer system from inside or outside, agreed with the owner.

The SANS20 is a list of 20 checks used to test the security level of an IT infrastructure. This methodology, devised by the SANS Institute, active since 1989 in the field of Cybersecurity, is expressly referred to in AGID (Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale) Circular No. 2/2017 on the subject of minimum ICT security measures for PA.

The analysis of computer devices within a civil or criminal trial is a rather new set of methods and techniques in Italian law. It originated as “Computer Forensics”, as digital evidence was until ten years ago only contained within hard disks; today we speak of “Digital Forensics” because the devices to be analysed include not only PCs but also card memories, telephones, smartphones, tablets, GPS, etc.

It is mandatory to notify within 72 hours the breach of one’s computer system to the Privacy Authority, describing what data has been stolen and reporting the possible consequences for consumers. Together with the notification, the security measures taken and those that will be taken after the breach to remedy the situation must be described. Given the tight timeframe and the amount of the sanctions (up to 4 per cent of turnover), it is advisable to have first prepared a description of the minimum security measures and a contingency plan for Data Breach cases.

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